Cinderella and her big sis

Cinderella and her big sis

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pinteractive Valentine's Day

       I would have never started my love affair with Pinterest if it wasn't for my friend Nanette.I remember last May, she was tweeting about being addicted to Pinterest and I was so curious about it. After she sent me an invite, I began pinning my own things and haven't stopped since. Well, I have tried a few things I have pinned and even started a board titled "Things I have tried on Pinterest Successfully.But Nanette has started a link up party on her blog, "Say it , Don't Spray it "called Pinteractive, where you link up projects that you have tried on Pinterest. She is also the reason I started this blog. When I found out she was going to do this, I so wanted to be a part of it. I sent her a message letting her know how much I wanted to participate, but I couldn't because I didn't have a blog and she urged me to go ahead and start one! Nanette's blog was the first blog I ever actually started following, so it's fitting that she was the one to encourage me to begin my own.So here is the start of my Pinteractive posts.
           Yesterday was Valentine's Day and I decided to try out some of my "Valentine's Day" pins. I was so excited when I came across this "Heart Attack" idea. I though Lil would go crazy over it.  The night before I  cut hearts of all different shapes and sizes and wrote some sweet comments about Lil on the hearts.  Then I covered her door with the hearts, making sure I didn't make a sound. I couldn't wait to see Lil's reaction  when she came out of her room in the morning to find all kinds of sweet notes of love!

This door is suffering from a Heart Attack
Her reaction.

            The other thing I love about Pinterest is looking at the products people have pinned.  I saw these cute chocolates that I knew would be a perfect Valentine's Day present for Lil's preschool teachers. And I lucked out and found the last two at Target! I don't think I pinned this one, I think I liked it and unfortunately since I "like" a LOT of things I can find the original pin.

I will definitely be linking up again next week!This is going to be so much fun! And to see what other people have done from Pinterest that I want to try will be fun as well!  Maybe I will  also mention things we tried on Pinterest that now we have to "depin" because it ended up being not "Pinworthy" in the first place.

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